The behavioural stuff

Healthy sleep habits (or lack of!)

Totally normal. Don’t worry too much during holiday times, but when routine is required, it might be best to get some things sorted. We recommend:

1. Tech boundaries
2. Actual books
3. Grab a book
4. Praise
5. Check in

Pushing those boundaries

Totes normal. We recommend:

1. Be clear
2. Talk it through
3. Keep them safe
4. Talk about it
5. Don't sweat it

A wee bit more on pushing boundaries...

There are so many teens doing great things - they are often idealistic and full of wonderment (despite the sullen exterior sometimes). We recommend helping them to find their passion and encourage, nurture & support their individuality:


1. Simply talk
2. Support them
3. Give them a voice
4. Encourage involvement
5. Sideline support
6. And remember...

Tech taking over the world (well, in your family!)

This is sooooo normal, most parents struggle to help their teens find balance. Here are our tips to help:

1. Tech is good!
2. Digital Detox
3. No screens at night
4. Get social too
5. A little bit more...