Having some troubles at school

Really normal, but really hard for your child, and you!

1. Empathy
2. Define the issue
3. Talk to teachers
4. Encourage communication
5. Keep things positive

Telling lies

Bear in mind we ALL tell the odd lie, so it is totally normal. But if things feel like they’re getting worse or devious, here’s our go to’s:

1. Detect
2. Reflect
3. Values
4. Talk about it
5. Strategise

Rudeness, back chatting, & swearing

Normal, but super-duper hard for us to not get irritated by. We reckon:

1. Ignore it
2. Family values
3. Give them a voice
4. Be positive
5. And remember...

Sleeping issues

Normal, and mostly fairly easy to set right. Get some back-up in (willing grandparents, aunties…) and get ready for some more lessened sleep, but hey – you’re used to that! It can only get better.

We’d also recommend putting in place some meditation and mindfulness practices as part of your bedtime routine. 

Anna from our team works across the All Right? campaign and Sparklers writing their material. Rather than reinventing the wheel – here’s the link to the All Right? Helping your Kids Sleep parenting guide (there are some other great guides there too!).