The behavioural stuff

Testing Boundaries

No, no, no, no and NO!

Firstly, it's totally normal. Here are five things we'd recommend to try:

1. Values
2. Positivity
3. Give praise
4. Keep praising
5. Be understanding

Running Off

Normally kids will run off because they have legs. But they’ll run off more depending on our initial reactions to them running off – if there was a surprise, fear or lots of attention (even anger,) it’s likely to happen again.

1. Rules
2. Practice
3. Praise
4. Keep them engaged
5. Keep practising

Hurting animals and others

A tricky one for sure, but normal.

Being mean to pets often stems from our first experiences of this – we hurt the cat, the cat scratches, we get loads of care from our parent and the cat gets thrown outside (even though the cat scratch is a natural consequence).

Hurting others will likely be caused by jealousy, frustration or embarrassment, all of which pre-schoolers don’t really have the capacity to be able to say, let alone explain! We say:

1. Talk about it
2. Take the time
3. Give attention
4. It's time to calm down
5. Don't lecture
6. Values