Pushing the boundaries

This is really normal for our kids throughout all their developmental stages, but when adolescent hits it feels particularly hard. But if your kids are pushing the boundaries at this new developmental stage, use this as an opportunity to re-set the boundaries, alongside your kids, because frankly they may need dusting off and some re-thinking.

Involvement from kids, and us listening to them and adjusting in some areas, is more likely to support them to stick with the rules and work in line with your whānau values. 

Time will create the real 'rules'
Keep your relationship intact
Don't sweat it too much

Attitude, with a capital "A"!

So this can be tricky, hey! And like our primary school kid's rudeness and back chat be like fingernails down a blackboard for us as parents and all we want to do is react! 

But (and we know you'll hate reading that 'but') 'attitude' does come as part of the stage here and part of their brain's development. 

Here's our top tips to support you in this.

Check in
Ignore it
Talk to them
Laugh about it