We understand that every parent-child relationship is different, and our parent coaches will work with you to develop customised strategies that work best for you.



The team of coaches at Real Parents are not just experts in the field of parenting; they are passionate individuals who genuinely care about helping you succeed.



We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to coaching. Working with us means having access to various tools and techniques that are proven to help you thrive as a parent.



Our programmes go beyond addressing immediate parenting concerns. We’ll empower you to develop a deep understanding of yourself, your parenting style, and your child's unique needs.

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Welcome to Real Parents

We are your dedicated coaches for parenting, made up of a team with backgrounds in psychology, social work, or education. We'll help you discover new ways of parenting that will positively impact your kid's lives. At Real Parents, we understand parenting is a journey of growth and learning. You can count on us to provide you with practical tips and strategies that you can try out and adjust based on your unique family dynamics. Our coaching services and programmes are also designed to help you develop a plan to address and manage the challenges you face. If you’re looking to bring connection and joy back to your relationship with your kids, we can help!

Our Coaches

We take great pride in our team of highly experienced coaches who are passionate about helping parents achieve their parenting goals. They have professional backgrounds and loads of experience in training, facilitation, psychology, teaching, and communication. Our team are skilled and work individually with you and your partner, facilitate groups, present at national conferences and provide advice across national projects centred on family and child wellbeing. They also have a popular fortnightly podcast on Plains FM ‘Being Real Parents.For empathetic, non-judgmental guidance and support, speak to one of our coaches today!

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Our Coaching Packages

When parenting isn't always plain sailing, it's good to know there are people who you can reach out to for support. That’s what we’re here for. When you work with us, we'll provide you with the tools and techniques for you and your kids to thrive. Our packages include:

Talk it Through (Free) - Engage in a 15-minute kōrero with one of our professional coaches to develop a solid plan.

The Swift Fix ($140) - Obtain immediate assistance by scheduling a single coaching session with one of our coaches who will address any pressing matters you may have.

Future-Proofing ($360) - If you're ready to move forward straight away, book 3 sessions and enjoy a significant discount of $60.

Parenting At Your Best

'Parenting At Your Best' is a four-week online programme designed to help you increase your confidence as a parent and enjoy the experience of parenting. A member of our professional and experienced team will guide you through the experience as you delve into well-researched topics such as:

  • Keeping things positive and fun
  • Supporting big emotions
  • Wellbeing (parent and child) and resilience
  • Parenting styles and the things your kids need to thrive

Join us for our weekly sessions, which are run live on Zoom every Tuesday at 8pm.


  • $198 for 6 hours with our team or...
  • half price ($99) if you're also taking part in regular parent coaching with us (3 or more sessions)

What parents say about us...

You have been our saving grace. Three months ago I was stressed & yelling, and now have found love, enjoyment & empowerment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I feel so much more confident as a parent, and understand what strategies I have to foster my relationship with my son, good behaviour and a way happier household.

This was an excellent & thought-provoking course. It's good to add new dimensions to the everyday thinking around how to parent teenagers.
I discovered that I'm not alone. The most valuable tools in this parenting toolkit include having a sense of humour and ability to step back, observe objectively & empathise.
Working with Real Parents has been extremely helpful and has given me the confidence in my parenting. I feel positive about the future of our children and family.
All of my initial goals for working with Real Parens have been met. This has made the world of difference for me and my kids.
Oh my gosh! Finally my husband and I are on the same page! Thanks Real Parents!
Our formerly emotionally-charged child is on a much calmer path and was awarded an end-of-year prize for 'effort' as a result. Such a big win for us all.
Things are so much calmer since working with Real Parents. Me, my kids, even the dog!
Learning to 'coach' our child has been a complete game changer. He can manage his emotions much more easily and is way less frustrated. Before working with Real Parents, we were a mess tbh. Now, we're not at all.
We had tried everything! But were so pleased to find Real Parents who gave us the support and empathy we needed to learn new things and reconnect with our kids. This has been the best investment ever.