Friends and connection


At this age, our kid's friendships are an important part of their social development. They're developing a sense of self and discovering their interests, which is why friendships become more significant during this time.

Encourage their friendships by making your place a safe place to be with plenty of snacks, but make the bedroom food free! It's a great way to keep connected (aka listen!) to what's going on in their world. Also, support them to participate in group activities where they can continue to have different friends from their school mates - this widens their networks and means if school friendships are in a bad place, these others will help. Cousins and close siblings will do the same. By supporting your child in their friendships, you're helping them to develop important skills that will benefit them through their lifetime. 

Here's more of our top tips...

Encourage activities outside of school
Model and support their communication skills
Foster empathy and understanding
Teach them about boundaries
Have a look at your own friendships


Supporting our pre-teen kids to get along with their siblings and feel part of the family is super important. It's all about creating a happy and harmonious home environment.

When siblings get along, it helps to reduce conflict and tension in the house. This means less yelling and arguing, and more time for everyone to relax and have fun together. Plus, when kids feel like they're part of a team with their siblings, they're more likely to cooperate and help each other out, which can make life a lot easier for us!

We keep mentioning the importance for kids to feel they're part of your family. This helps to create a sense of belonging and identity, which is crucial for their emotional wellbeing. When kids feel like they're valued and loved by their family, they're more likely to develop healthy self-esteem and confidence.

Anna and Kate from our team dedicated a podcast to this topic, which you might want to give a listen to too. Here's the link. 

A wee bit of self reflection
Build and support empathetic views.
Teamwork makes the dream work... mostly!
Actively teach conflict resolution skills
A few other things