Out of control anger

Being out-of-control can be scary for us, but also scary for our kids. To support our kids with big emotions (or any emotions) evidence points to emotion coaching as the best way to do this. Here's how. 

Think about it
Tame it
Make a plan

Managing worries

It's tough seeing our little super-heroes upset. But you're the best person to help them manage these and teach them to be braver.  

To support kids with any big emotions, emotion coaching is our go-to strategy  - here's how. 

Have a routine but allow for flex too
Take a wee look at you too
Make emotions normal
Actively teach calming and coping strategies

Hitting & hurting

If our kids hit out that's just a form of communication like: "Don’t touch my stuff", or "Leave me alone!" or "I’m embarrassed."… But it's our job to support them to find other ways to communicate the same thing but without hurting others. 

Be gentle
Talk to them
Practice makes perfect
Be patient, don't push them
Reinforce good behaviour

Supporting kids to regulate their emotions is a big deal. And we can help...