Friends and connections

Organising family time, but when teens' don’t want to! 

Telling siblings to get out of their room, preferring tech over family, wanting time alone rather than hanging with the's all totally normal.

Dr. Dean Sutherland (from the Real Parents crew) says though, that if tech becomes the only normal teens want to to, then it’s our job as parents to make other things more interesting than tech. That way, they will want to get involved with the family, and outside of their own bubble. He also recommends:

1. Get active
2. Go on an Adventure
3. Reminisce
4. Don't take it personally
5. Laugh about it

Friends coming first (before everything!)

This is the time (and it can feel a bit sad) that our kids will choose their friends over us and their siblings. But you will find each other again. To encourage this, and because it’s probably more important than ever to keep in the loop, it’s good to:

1. Have an open home
2. Meet the parents
3. Make time for your teen
4. Get to know their friends
5. Family time