Keeping the kai to good choices

You may notice you're pre-teen reaching for unhealthy choices when they're hungry and this isn't really their fault. At this developmental stage, and through their teen years, our kids have increased dopamine receptors, which can make consumption of sweet and calorie-dense foods feel like a more “rewarding”​ experience.

Beyond this they are bombarded by advertising for 'junk' food, peers are influential, they're not always that well organised (!) and they can be pretty busy! This is where we come in, hey? And not in any lecturing, angry way! Let's talk 'guidance'.

Encourage family meals
Limit junk food on hand
Keep healthy snacks on hand
Don't make food a big deal

Healthy sleep habits (or lack of!)

This might be the time that all those healthy sleep habits you may have created while they were young, have gone by the wayside. It's really frustrating for us as parents to still hear our kids banging around at night knowing they've got school the next day and will be a nightmare to wake at 7am. But (we know, eye roll over the 'but'!) this is really normal and in line with their brain development and new rhythms. 

It'll be useful to stick to a routine, but there may need to be a few adjustments. These are our best tips to get our pre-teens a good night's sleep (through the school week, at least!)

Some tech boundaries
Brain development
Grab a book
Check in