Having some troubles at school

It can be so hard when you our little superstars are having trouble at school and we can't be there to support them. So we need to believe they can manage things and support them with this. This is different to wading in and taking over, hey?!

It's going to be important that your child feels supported and empowered in this. It's not going to be the last time they have school challenges, so this is a great time for them to learn some great strategies. Now and for next time.

Define the issue
Talk to teachers
Encourage communication
Keep things positive


These are suggestions from our team and other local professionals. Whose first point is that any diagnoses is a diagnostic ‘label’ and simply a term used to describe a cluster of symptoms. They emphasise that what’s most important is to celebrate a child’s strengths and contributions, irrespective of their differences or diagnosis and nurture their unique identity. 

Anna and Dean wrote some of this content for Sparklers some years back, but here it's been updated. 


Where are the best sources of info?
Working with their school
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