Friends and connection

Siblings - supporting them to get along

It can be really hard when the people we love the most in our lives (our kids!) can't seem to get along. Here's our best tip and tricks to support your kids to be siblings and buddies. And alongside this Anna and Kate from our team recently talked about this our our fortnightly Plains FM podcast. Here'a s link to listen in to this episode on all things sibling rivalry.

Reflect on what you might contribute
Build empathy
Promote teamwork
Teach conflict resolution skills
Other things


Supporting our kid's friendships is essential as it helps them develop social skills and lays the foundation for future relationships. As parents or caregivers, we can foster positive relationships by supporting our kids to share, take turns and work through conflict.

Our kid's friendships can also be supported through participation in activities such as playgroups, kindergarten, and community events. We can also involve them in cultural events that celebrate diversity and provide opportunities for interaction with children from different backgrounds.

Be sure to get. to know their friends and their parents, arranging playdates. Friendships play a big role in our kid's well-being too - they build a sense of belonging, support positive self-esteem, and build their resilience.

Play dates
Meet the parents
Chat to teachers

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