The emotional stuff

Big emotions – meltdowns

Um, normal. Meltdowns happen for so many reasons, but mostly because we can’t contain the big feelings bubbling up.

We will often talk about our kids "having tantrums", but not so much their "disappointment" that they couldn’t have what they wanted, or "frustration" that the task is challenging, or ‘sadness’ that their friend has to go home.

1. Distraction
2. Name it
3. Name their way out
4. Wait it out
5. Think about it

Limpeting on

We kind of get this – for young kids, the world must be so huge from their perspective, there’s hardly a chair they don’t have to clamber onto front-ways. So new situations and people won’t always be exciting, and even the familiar will sometimes be daunting.

Limpeting on is totes normal.

1. Information
2. Reassurance
3. Guidance
4. Be there
5. Opportunities

Siblings & other stuff

Fighting amongst siblings is super normal – they spend a lot of time together and in terms of how things eventuated for them - that oldest child did get a raw deal. Once they were perfect, had all the attention, and then suddenly someone else more perfect arrived on the scene. Here are things we do to help our kids get along:

1. Sharing
2. Individual time
3. Show empathy
4. Praise
5. Rewards chart