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Getting your head around childcare options

Take your time, be prudent & get to know your stuff

It can be daunting coming to preschool or childcare options for the first time. There are loads of providers and you'll want to the fit right for your child and family. 

Here's where we try to support you with this in terms of the costs, your entitlements and subsidies and who does what. 

Do your research and ask lots of questions!

We recommend that you take your time, do your research, and ask around to see what friends and family have done, and who they'd recommend.

And then there's the other stuff to consider: what does ECE even stand for? (Early Childhood Education). How can I access 20-hours of care each week? Do I have to pay anything extra on top? Am I entitled to a government subsidy to help cover extra costs? And so much more. 

We have created a broad outline of the main child-care options currently available. However, we acknowledge that what works for one family will be completely different from the next, and there is a lot of information to process. So please do your research carefully, and ask lots of questions along the way! 

Early Childhood Education (ECE) Funding
Newborn to 3 years
Children aged 3 to 6 years
Children aged over 6
Working for Families
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Choosing a Childcare or Kindy

Making the right choice can feel hard

It can be hard to know where to start. There are heaps of great preschools, nurseries, kindergartens, playgroups & playcentres around the city. 

Getting started

If you ask any parent with a child in an ECE, they'll all tell you how their place is the best, which can make choosing one even more difficult! 

We've done a bit of research and collated some information to help you get started: 

Checking it out first
Choosing a suitable centre
Where to start?

The above information is a guide only and only contains some of the many resources that may help. Please complete your own independent research and know your rights and obligations before you commit to an ECE provider, funding and subsidies. Take your time, compare centres, know your entitlements, and ask lots of questions along the way!

Got some parenting worries?

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