Supporting School

As parents, we want the best for our kids, and a big part of that is helping them succeed in school. But sometimes, we might feel like we're not sure how - their work is often beyond our capabilities and then they don't always talk about it!

So, one of the best things you can do is create a positive learning environment at home for their learning. This means providing a space for them to study that's, encouraging their study habits by allowing them time, keeping to a consistent household routine, helping them stay organised with the things they need and checking in to see how they're doing and feeling about school (not just the learning!). 

And if they're studying, trying new things, managing some things or even enjoying some things about their learning and school, praise this and support it to happen more.

Keep up the kōrero and interest
Model being organised
Make sure they can study
Keep a relationship with the school
Be there for them

NCEA time

Teens can feel stressed out, anxious, and overwhelmed during NCEA exam or submission time, and our support can make a big difference in their performance and mental health.

These submissions and exams cover a lot of material, so require a huge mental load for kids, on top of the rest of their world will likely include chores, friendship frustrations, perhaps love interests, heightened hormones etc, etc... We reckon the least we can do is alleviate some of the stress they're feeling and help them stay focused and do their best. 


Give them permission to study and prepare
Recognise they're stressed
Nurture them too
When the results come in

Tips to stay organised

Staying organised can be a game-changer for teens. The benefits include: 

  • Less stress: When kids know what they need to do and when they need to do it, they feel less overwhelmed and stressed. 
  • Better time management: They can manage their time more effectively. This means they'll have more time for the things they enjoy, like hanging with friends or playing sports.
  • Improved school results: Being organised means they're more likely to complete their work on time and to a great standard. 
  • More confidence: When kids are on top of things, they feel more confident in themselves and their abilities. This confidence can help them take on new challenges and succeed in school and beyond.

Anna, from our team originally wrote this content for Sparklers. Here it's been updated.

Praise what they do well
Talk about the benefits of being organised!
Add in a chore or three
Continue to praise their efforts
Sometimes it takes rewarding behaviour!