Keeping our kids safe

Gah!! Now that our kids are getting older they're becoming more independent, and this comes with some risks. As part of this they might become more private as they explore new ideas, emotions, and social interests. And we need to allow this.

But, we hear you say, they're still kids! That's where your relationship comes in - stay in touch with them without interrogation or lectures, put some boundaries around what's okay and what's not.  But have this be a kōrero rather than 'laying down the rules'! 

Trust is key here. Trusting your kids to make good decisions while respecting their right to privacy will help build better communication and strengthen your relationship. When they know they can come to you for help, they will be more likely to share information and seek advice when they need it.

They're going to need some privacy
Keeping tabs in a positive way
Keeping your relationship tight
When they muck up

Navigating social media

As parents we often have concerns about our kid's online behaviour and the potential impact, including: sharing personal information, exposure to inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and excessive screen time.

Our kids are digital natives, so the internet is an inevitable part of their world. This means our role is to watch what we're modelling, take an active role in checking on our kid's online activities and educating them about safe online practices. It also comes down to us supporting them and remaining non-judgmental if they muck up.

Keep things 'open'
Keep checking in
Teach your kids to keep their BS radar up!
Set the boundaries and review often
They need a go-to person
And if they muck up