Having some troubles at school

It's so hard when our kids are having trouble at school - hard for them, and for us! It's important during these times that we support our kids in a way that feels empowering for them, rather than us 'taking over'. Because, to be honest if this is there first trouble at school, it's likely not to be their last, and they'll need some tools and strategies that continue to support them.

Define the issue
Talk to teachers
Encourage communication
Keep things positive

Telling lies

Bear in mind we ALL tell the odd lie, and it's sometimes polite to e.g. When we're asked "do you like this shirt?" And we absolutely don't!

But we're adults and understand these things. With our kids if things feel like they’re getting worse or devious, our top tips are all here.

Talk about it

Rudeness, back chatting, & swearing

Oooooo, it can be the fingernails down the blackboard response for us here, hey? We hear it and react! But this behaviour is very normal as our kids test and try things out - experimenting on the best ways to communicate without realising (yet) that this isn't one of them!

Keep your cool team because here's our best go-to tips that will support you to cope and your kids to find other, more positive ways, to communicate. Promise!

Ignore it
Family values
Give them a voice
Be positive
And remember...