We know it can be hard to talk to our kids about sex, but it's important to provide them with the right information and support. Otherwise, where do you think they're gong to go for the lowdown? Here are some tips to help you navigate those hard-to-talk-about topics.

Just talk about it
Remove any judgment
Continue the kōrero

Alcohol and drugs

Unfortunately in our New Zealand context, drinking alcohol during our teen years is so normalised, despite all the best neuroscience research showing us that it's too early for the brain to manage.

So in terms of alcohol (and drugs),, we can't stop our kids from being around it and probably having it made available to them, but if we keep the dialogue open, we can support them to make good decisions around it, and if they don't, support them to next time. Because there will be a next time, hey?

Keep talking
Be a good role model
Explore what the big deal is
Make sure they've got tools to cope with tough stuff
Keep up with who they're hanging out with
If you're worried they're struggling