Supporting School

It's really important to support our pre-teen kid's schoolwork and stay involved, even if it looks like they don't want us to. Basically these are the foundational years that sets them up for their high school education, and beyond.

Some ways to do this without 'getting in the way' are by supporting them with a routine, attending school events, especially any they're involved with, getting to know their teacher, checking in and when asked, helping them! Think of yourself as the gentle cheerleader, praising their efforts (not always performance) and letting them know, you're there for them.

Have a routine
If you're asked for help, it's a golden opportunity!
Spend time in the school
Encourage other things that also support their learning

Tips to stay organised

Staying organised can be a game-changer for pre-teens. The benefits include: 

  • Less stress: When kids know what they need to do and when they need to do it, they feel less overwhelmed and stressed. 
  • Better time management: Pre-teens can manage their time more effectively. This means they'll have more time for the things they enjoy, like hanging with friends or playing sports.
  • Improved school results: Being organised means they're more likely to complete their work on time and to a great standard. 
  • More confidence: When kids are on top of things, they feel more confident in themselves and their abilities. This confidence can help them take on new challenges and succeed in school and beyond.

Anna, from our team originally wrote this content for Sparklers. Here it's been updated.

Praise what they already do well
Kōrero about the things they're managing
Add in a chore or two
Continue with the praise
Sometimes rewards and incentives work wonders