Wellbeing 101

Healthy wellbeing for preschool kids means that they are happy, active, and curious about the world around them. The key to this is that they feel safe, loved, and supported by you!.





Attachment and bonding are critical
Support their emotions
Stick to the routine as much as possible
Encourage active time and good kai

Building Self Esteem

We all want our little legends to have high self-esteem, hey? So it's worth being intentional about this. Here's our top tips to do just that. 


What even is self-esteem?
Or could we think about it self-compassion
Encourage them to try new things
Encourage positive self talk
Validate how they're feeling

Supporting our kids to get a good night's sleep

You will know all the good reasons kids need to get enough sleep and chances are you’ve done the research and heard all the ‘good advice’... but it is challenging for sure. Here’s our best tips



Take it back to basics
Staying in bed (to begin)
Waking up and staying in bed (through the night)
Nightmares and night terrors

Supporting our kids to eat

We hear lots about the challenges of meal times or “fussy eating” and we completely get it!  We have struggled too. Here's our best tips to help, created alongside our buddy Rebecca at Nourish Therapy, who we totally recommend if eating is super tricky for your little one. Here's our Being Real Parents podcast episode with Rebecca, where we talk about supporting fussy eating and other things that can get in the way of enjoying kai time. 


Keep offering the kai...
Make it fun!
Model eating!
Praise them 'trying'
Make sure they're comfy

Supporting healthier eating

There’s so much information out there about what we should be feeding our little people and so much pressure to make this look a certain way. What's most important is keeping it simple. Here's our tricks and tips to help you save time and feel prepared!



A wee bit of prep...
Cook once, eat twice
If you need a hand

Supporting our Rainbow kids

The best way for us to support our rainbow kids is to be accepting and have their backs, no matter what. Anna from our team wrote this content with the support of RainbowYOUTH for Sparklers some years back. Here it's been updated.

A bit of 101
Top tips
Trans-gender kids
Be proud

Bumps and cracks showing up in your parenting?

That's why we're here...