Out of control anger

Being out-of-control can be scary for us, but also scary for our kids. This happens, but it’s best for us to know what to do when things are heading on this trajectory:

1. Think about it
2. Empathise
3. Tame it
4. Make a plan
5. Education

Friendships and other stuff

Friendships are still tricky during the school years, but super important for our children’s well-being. If you’re child is having difficulty with friendships we reckon try:

1. Play dates
2. Meet the parents
3. Chat to teachers
4. Role-playing
5. Educate


Fights amongst siblings are super normal – they spend a lot of time together. In terms of how things eventuated for the oldest child (in their mind, at least) is that they got the raw deal. Once upon a time, they were the perfect one & had all the attention. Then suddenly, someone else more perfect than them arrived on the scene. Here are a few things we do to help our kids get along:

1. Sharing Stuff
2. Spend time
3. Empathise
4. Praise
5. Reward